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You're Invited...
to Join The Happiest & Most Abundant Community On The Planet Intentionally designed for female entrepreneurs!
Ready to uplevel like never before?

Good, you’re in the right place.

The Co-Creative Circle is a UNIQUE membership community intentionally designed to help female entrepreneurs BUILD and GROW a thriving business…

-using the powerful law of attraction & proven business strategies! 

Get ready to radically transform your life & business!
The Co-Creative Circle is ONE OF A KIND, Just Like You!

This is where the powerful Law of Attraction AND proven business strategies co-exist!

(And yes, that includes all the fab woo-woo practices!) 

The core foundation pillars of The Co-Creative Circle! 

Your success is based on three important pillars: 

PILLAR #1: Proven Business Strategies 
PILLAR #2: An Aligned High-Vibing Mindset 
PILLAR #3: The Right Support Structure 

These are the core foundation pillars of 
The Co-Creative Circle! 
The Co-Creative Circle is unlike anything else.

We help you stay focused, inspired and supported… while providing you with real results and amazing transformations.

Yes, The Co-Creative Circle is unlike anything else.

It’s a place of growth, connection & celebration.

And best Of all… 
we’re going to have massive FUN along the way!
Here’s what you’ll get when you join The Circle…
Are You Ready To Take It To The Next Level?
Good. Me too!

Get access to ALL my new trainings, including...
  •   How To Tap Into The Power of Attraction Marketing And Create The Business Of Your Dreams
  •  How To Market With Clarity And Earn With Ease By Being Your Awesome Self
  • How To Find Your Purpose And Embrace Your True Self
  •  The Abundance Formula
  •  How To Create A Winning Offer That Is So Irresistible, It'll Practically Convert Itself! 
  •  The C.A.R.E Attraction Model
  •  ... and much, much more
PLUS Weekly Live Q&A Calls, Masterminds, Exclusive Ressources, A Supportive Community.... And Best Of All, Authentic Results!
Courses & Masterclasses
Get access to ALL the life changing & biz catapulting trainings .
Exclusive Biz 
Drool-worthy swipes files, checklists, cheatsheets & templates .
Weekly Live 
Q&A Calls
Need additional support? 
Just hop on a call.
Transformational Bonuses
Epic meditations, guest speakers & fun surprises ...PLUS new content added every week!
One word… 
High-Vibing Community
A fun-loving & high-vibing community to help you stay focused, inspired, and supported.
Courses & Weekly Live Q&A Calls
Get access to ALL the life changing & biz catapulting trainings, PLUS access to weekly live Q&A calls.
Exclusive Ressources
Epic Meditations, drool worthy swipes files, checklists, guest speakers & fun surprises 
(I can hardly wait!!!)
Community & Connections
Fun-loving & high-vibing community to help you stay focussed, inspired & supported.
What clients are saying...
A powerhouse of information!
"Julie delivers a powerhouse of information and inspiration to get you moving. Her fantastic energy really shines through!"
Personal Development Coach
Mary Anne Horsman
Training: Money Make Up
One of the best courses I have taken for my business!
"Julie's course was one of the best I have taken for my business. She delivered on what she promised, in well researched, well presented modules, that took the guesswork out of each step of the process; from testing the course idea, to creating your budget, to launching your course. Her bonuses were extremely valuable as well. Julie's course will take away a lot of the anxiety of launching your first online course. Plus, she is a joy to work with. She is honest, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. I never felt like I was doing it on my own, she made sure I knew how to apply her coursework directly to my business. Thank you, Julie!"

Jen Hutchinson
Co-Founder, Living Your Gifts
Training: My First Online Course
I love this course!
"It's simple, to the point and addresses the most important aspect of making money! It's perfect for anyone wanting to take their personal or business goals for money to the next level, Thanks Julie!

Aerial Yoga Expert, Author, Blogger and Life Coach
Margie Pargie
Training: Money Make Up
Financially independent!
"A very special thank you to Julie! Not only was this perfect timing for my business, but it felt like a lifeline to get my business to the next level and become MUCH more financially independent! The material is easy to understand, concise and to the point. The structure of the class itself made it easy to listen, understand and implement. I particularly appreciated the Q & A portion which is so different from many other courses out there. It’s a great opportunity to get our personal questions answered. Loved it! I not only found MANY answers to my questions, but was able to build a solid foundation to grow my business. After only 2 weeks into the class, I had already book a client, and by the end of the course, I had secured 3 clients.
Thanks for everything Julie!"

Isabelle Giroux n.d.
Certifed Naturopath, NLP Master Practitioner
and Wellness Coach
Training: Client Injectors
Clarity & Clients!
"Before Client Injectors, I struggled with knowing how to market my business and get clients. It felt like there were so many solutions and it was very overwhelming. Client Injectors helped me gain clarity with where my business should be headed and how to get clients. I feel more confident with my business and what I charge. Julie helped me understand the importance of having a plan when marketing."
Emily McManama
Women's Empowerment Coach
 Training: Client Injectors
Here's a sneak peek at what's inside!
Your Business Roadmap
Need to inject more clients? Or maybe grow your targeted list? 

This training will give you an overview of the EXACT strategies you should be focussing on based on YOUR current business needs.
Offers that Convert

Learn how to create offers so IRRISISTIBLE they'll practically convert themselves!

Swipe File Library!
Swipe files
Everything you need from product launches to sales pitches, to clients objections...

We've got you covered!

The Attraction Ritual
This epic ritual will elevate your energy vibration and instantly help you attract everything you desire. 

*This training alone is worth the investment. It will change your life!
Money Make Up
Live Training
Mend your relationship with money once and for all. 
This fun course is all about crushing self-doubt, creating a healthy relationship with money and boosting your earning power. 
Meditation Vault
The Wealthy Female Entrepreneur
Earning With Your Unique Purpose
Manifest Your Dream Business
Money Amplifier
Flash Clarity
Master Creator
And much, much more!
A little about me!
Hi, I'm Julie. An Online Business Strategist, Attraction Superstar and Best-Selling Author with more than 15 years experience in Marketing. 

I help women, from around the world, build a profitable & sustainable business online and specialize in creating value-packed, result-centered programs that gets you consistent results... while having lots of fun in the process furry CFO (Chief Fun Officer) Stella keeps me in check!

Who's ready to get the biz party started?
My promise to you!



To show up 200% every day and do everything in my power to help you succeed.

YOU are my priority... and that is why I decided to offer this membership at such a low price. 

My goal is to provide EXCEPTIONAL value… while giving you an affordable solution to uplevel your business in a BIG way. 

I am here for you, and I’m going to put everything I have into supporting you on your journey to building, attracting, and living the life & business of your dreams.

Virtual hugs,
Julie xxoo

Get Instant Access to the Circle!
If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then join us today as a founding member and get exclusive access for only $67 $37/month!

Get a 7 Day FREE Trial when you join NOW!

ONLY $37/month!

no contracts, no commitments, 
and you can change your mind and cancel at any time
** Limited 7-day free trial, so don't miss out!

Workshop #1: Your Business Foundations
Worksop #2: Your BIG Idea

A total value of $497!
Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: How does the Co-Creative Circle work?

Once you register, you get immediate access to membership site and our fabulous community. 

You can join us for the LIVE masterclasses and Q&A calls… or go at your own pace. 

It’s completely up to you.

New content will be added regularly, so you'll never be stuck for new insights to help you grow your business (and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve)! 

PLUS… if you need additional guidance, you can always request us to add additional training material – we’re here to please! 

And if you’re like a lot of female entrepreneurs, you’re always “on the go.” 

That’s why I’ve optimized the ENTIRE site for mobile… so that you can learn, connect & transform on the go!

QUESTION: What if this is not for me?

There are no contracts, no commitments, and you can change your mind and cancel at any time. 

I am 100% confident, however, that you’ll LOVE the circle… but if you want to cancel your membership for ANY reason, the process is hassle-free. 

You’ll lose your access to the membership site, the trainings & the community… but I won’t charge you a single penny more!

If there is anything at all that you're not certain about, anything that's not clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at: and we'll help you out.

QUESTION: How is this membership different from other courses / memberships out there?

The Co-Creative Circle is unique because it combines real, proven business strategies with the Law of Attraction & high-vibing mindset strategies… 

PLUS the support of an awesome community to help you stay focused & inspired!

Success depends on three important elements: Proven strategies; a high-vibing mindset; & the right support system. 

These are the three core pillars of the Co-Creative Circle, and they’re absolutely critical if you want to have a successful long term, sustainable business that you actually LOVE!

Unlike most training programs, the Circle allows you get access to NEW content (and you get to forward your own ideas if there's something you really want to see added). 

You ARE the PRIORITY here. 

And BEST OF ALL, you do not have the hefty price tag that comes along with some offers … which, in my opinion, have gotten completely out of hand!

This is the most FUN & HIGH-VIBING community on the planet!

When was the last time your business made you burst into spontaneous dance moves? 

Get your jazz hands ready girl!

QUESTION: I didn’t really read and just skipped to the end… what do I need to know?

The Co-Creative Circle is an online membership community intentionally designed for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to Radically Transform their Life & Business. 

When you join, you get immediate access to incredible content, weekly LIVE Q&A calls AND access to our high-vibing community. 

More than $10k worth of incredible content for a little more than a buck a day!
Get Instant Access to the Circle!
If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then join us today as a founding member and get exclusive access for only $67 $37/month!

Get a 7 Day FREE Trial when you join NOW!

ONLY $37/month!

no contracts, no commitments, 
and you can change your mind and cancel at any time
** Limited 7-day free trial, so don't miss out!

Get Instant Access to the Circle!

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then join us today as a founding member and get exclusive access for only $67 $27/month!

ONLY 27$ per month
cancel anytime
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